Efficient packaging machine for e-commerce

VARO E-com Packer

VARO E-com Packer – Fit-to-size packaging for e-commerce products

Save up to 50% on packaging costs

With VAROs e-commerce packaging machine, you can get rid of manual packing, different box sizes and bubble wrap and save approx. 50% on your packaging costs.

High-capacity packaging machine for e-commerce products

Pack up to 1800 packages per hour

The VARO E-com Packer is a compact, high-capacity packaging machine that can automatically pack up to 1800 units per hour in protective packaging in customized packet size without the use of void fillers.

  • Fast

    Packs up to 1800 units per hour

  • Cost-saving

    Effective, automated packaging – without different box sizes or void fill

  • Flexible

    Customized packet size without adjustments or change of packaging material

  • Protective

    Products are stabilized and do not skate around. Packaging has shock-absorbing corners for optimal protection

  • Sustainable

    Packaging material made of fully recyclable corrugated cardboard

How does it work?

The packaging machine folds corrugated cardboard around the product or around the cardboard tray and glues the top and sides so that the product is protected and does not skate around. This packaging process eliminates the need for box filling / void fill, such as bubble wrap, and saves packaging costs.

Which products can be packed?

Automatic packaging of electronics and jewelry

Variable, loose items

In order to pack loose, multiple and variable items, a cardboard tray must be used. The cardboard tray will be packed together with the items and ensures stability and uniformity in the package. The cardboard tray can also be used as a picking tray for picking the items in the warehouse.
  • Electronics
  • Cosmetics
  • Textiles
  • Pharmaceuticals
Automatic packaging of books and DVD’s

Compact, uniform products

Uniform products, such as books, DVD’s, LP’s or the like are wrapped in protective cardboard packaging. The packaging machine can pack multiple, varied-sized items at the same time and without adjustments or change of packaging material.
  • Books
  • DVD’s
  • LP’s
  • Other

Reduce personnel costs by 80%

“Before we invested in the e-commerce packaging machine, our goods were packed manually in a cardboard box. We packed 60 small packages per hour per. employee. Today we can pack approx. 300 boxes per hour per. employee, and that in a box at half price. Personnel costs have been reduced by 80%, and the packaging material is approx. 50% cheaper than before.” Heiko Weissflog, DBK Denmark, long-term customer and owner of three VARO E-com Packer machines, bought over the course of years.

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Learn more about the VARO E-com Packer

The VARO E-com Packer is available in a 1-lane and 2-lane version. Each has a capacity of 15 packages pr. minute pr. lane or 900 pr. hour pr. lane. The 2-lane version can therefore pack up to 1800 packages pr hour.
The standard VARO E-com Packer can pack packages in two different sizes: 247 x 222 x 50 mm and 330 x 265 x 56 mm. However, we at VARO are very flexible and always attentive to the needs, products and production facility of our customers. Besides our standard options, we are always willing to customize the machine or single functions in order to provide you with the most efficient packaging solution that will make a real difference for your business.
The VARO E-com Packer is very compact and has following dimensions in the 2-lane version: 4500 x 3200 mm
We have reference customers, where we can arrange a visit and where you may be allowed to bring some products for testing.
Corrugated cardboard is fully recyclable and can be made into pulp for the production of new cardboard. The packaging machine folds corrugated cardboard around the product and glues the top and sides so that the product is protected in the packaging and does not skate around. This packaging process eliminates the need for box filling, such as bubble wrap, and saves packaging costs.

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Since 1935, VARO has been passionate about technology, innovation and good craftsmanship. We develop and manufacture advanced customized and standard automation equipment which is adapted to the industry and needs of our customers. The VARO E-com Packer is one of our standard machines, but customization is also possible. Press “Read more” to visit the VARO Group website and learn more about us and our solutions.