Saved up to 80 percent by investing an E-Com Packer

DBK, the Danish publishers’ book distributor, invested in VARO’s E-Com Packer and saved 50 percent on packaging and 80 percent on personnel costs. The climate too has benefitted, since now the packs are transported without excess air.

Large packaging savings at DBK

One of the brains behind DBK’s large packaging savings is Heiko Weissflog, Senior Technician at DBK. He realized early on that if the big e-commerce days like Black Friday and Christmas were not to result in bottlenecks and long delivery, something had to happen. He initiated the first packaging machine from VARO to be installed back in 2007. Since then, two other automatic packaging machines have been installed. Today, DBK handles packaging on three systems – one of which packs two different sizes simultaneously.

About DBK

More than 1000 Danish publishers use DBK as their book distributor, thus representing 95 percent of the total commercial turnover of books in Denmark. Read more about DBK at

No more bottlenecks

“In 2020, the Covid-19 year, orders rose to 200 percent during the Christmas shopping season. This would have been completely impossible to handle without an automation packaging system, and with the E-Com Packer we never experience bottlenecks” – Heiko Weissflog.

VARO E-com Packer

Technical skills and customized solutions

When asked about how the collaboration with VARO has been, Heiko Weissflog recalls: “It has been very satisfying. The employees at VARO are technically very skilled and VARO has the right people to develop solutions according to the individual customer’s wishes.


    The machine is compact and doesn’t take up much space. It is easy to integrate into existing stock systems


    The E-com Packer saves packaging material and eliminates the need for plastic, such as bubble wrap


    The E-com Packer reduced DBK’s personnel costs by 80 percent, and they use 50 percent less packaging material


    DBK packs completely without damage to the goods inside and reduces transport costs by avoiding air in the packages

Read more about DBK’s experience

The latest E-com Packer from VARO was delivered in 2019 and integrated into the existing packaging system. Before a packer could manually pack 60 packs per hour. Now the E-Com Packer folds, closes and glues cardboard around the books automatically at a speed of 600 packages per hour. “We handle ten times as many as we did before,” says Heiko Weissflog with great satisfaction.
Instead of using expensive carton boxes, DBK now uses corrugated cardboard, which is less cost-intensive. The E-Com Packer also packs completely without bubble wrap or box fillers, thereby using less cardboard material and cutting away expenses for fillers. Most importantly, the machine packs without damaging the goods inside the cardboard. On the whole, the packaging costs of DBK have been reduced by 50 percent. “Avoiding transporting air around is also a much cheaper and climate friendly solution,” says Heiko Weissflog.
According to Heiko Weissflog, E-Commerce companies should not hesitate to invest in an E-Com Packer from VARO. It is not a particularly expensive solution and the money will return itself in one and a half years, he reckons, when the machine is running 100 percent of the time and sending a minimum of 3000 packs a day through the system.
It can be integrated into existing stock systems and sells in two models: Packing 900 or 1800 packs per hour. Further advantages:
– it is fast
– avoids/reduces bottlenecks
– packs goods in A5 and A3 sizes and can pack two sizes simultaneously
– uses corrugated cardboard which is cheaper and 100 percent biodegradable
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